Sunday, December 27, 2009


Unbelievable but true, it's Xmas again.  I can't believe how
fast this year has gone by....not one of the best years I've had,
but at least there were two good achievements for this year.
My graduation and Richard's graduation.

Well here we are Xmas Eve, we just had a relaxing day, and prepared
our meats and salads for Xmas day's lunch.
Spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool, had a burger braai,
and then we sat down to pass the time until midnight when
 we exchanged our R30 Gag Gifts.

Loads of fun was had and a good few good laughs.
See for yourself.....

Justin pulling some funny dance move

Richard laughing at Justin's dance move

The guys and percy braaing the hamburger patties

Gillian blogging

Norman and Richard

Later in the evening we played 30 seconds
to pass the time until midnight - loads of laughs..

After 30 thirty seconds we changed over to
la di da... and then here we were playing
nominations...drinking games off course...

Spillage - Tam knocked her penalty shooter over
and had to suck it up through a straw

The guys passing the time with computor games
racing cars or something

Donovan and Justin getting drinks

And then finally much to Megan and especially Kaylin's delight
it was midnight and time to open presents

In one of Percy's gifts he got this beautiful new set of teeth
very appealing dont you think

Norman got a new pair of swimming goggles and a
cowboy hat

And Donovan got these Nerdy

And here's Melanie with her Diva glasses...stunning Mel

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RICHARD'S GRADUATION December 10, 2009

After three and half years of studying, practically day in and day out.
Sitting working, diligently everyday until all hours of the night.
Sometimes until way after midnight.
Often turning down party invitations.
Richard has achieved he's Bachelors Degree in, Interior Design.

Richard's best friend, Chris, the two of them go back to their school days, studied the same
course.  So they have spent the past three and half years together closely.
Driving back and forth to College.
Often consulting with each other, etc...
And now graduating together.

It was a memorable event, here are some of the pics.

Richard while getting ready.

Richard and Cheyna

Dad and Son
Norman and Richard

Norman, Richard and Cheyna

Mother and Son
Richard and Mandy

Step Dad, Mom and Son
Percy, Richard and Mandy

Percy, Richard, Cheyna and Mandy

Richard and Cheyna at the Venue

The two best friends, went to school together
Studied together
and here they are graduating together
Richard and Chris

Chris and Richard got to do the honours of pouring the Champagne

All the Graduates getting ready, putting on their Toga's

They did not much like having these hats on their heads
and the red sashes didnt want to stay in place

Richard receiving he's certificate, Well Done My Boy
we very proud of you.

Chris receiving he's certificate.  Well done Chris


the class mates


Very Happy

The two proud Moms
Mandy and Gwen

Cheyna and Richard

Monday, December 7, 2009


Last Friday night was Tammy's (my son, Donovan's girlfriend),
Matric Farewell,
they looked absolutely stunning.

Here are some of the pics

Tammy's hairdo

Tammy and Donovan in their stunning outfits

Tammy and a Friend and the "Wow" Limo in the back ground

The Three handsome couples who all rode together in the Limo

Inside the Limo..