Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sunday, August 8th, our last day here, and today is Percy's day.
So we didnt go anywhere, he got to lay around, dose and watch TV, and do absolutely
Nothing, the whole day.

I went up to the laundry, utilised two washing machines and did our washing.

then lunch time he said, lets go to the coffee shop, which right over the road from our chalet,
and have coffee and cake.
Never saw the cake though, we ended up ordering food. LOL...

And sadly, tomorrow we hit the road, back home, and back to reality
Very Very sad.  I could just stay here.

The Coffee Shop

Percy relaxing


Today we took a drive up to Graskop and Pilgrims Rest.
Had lunch at Harries famous Pancake Den,
Let me tell you, pancakes to die for, the best in the country.

visited some shops of interested amongst others, the silk shop.
Real woven silk garments from silk worms, done right there in front of you.
Percy bought me a silk scarf, as far as my memory serves me, I think it's
my very first ever, true piece, LOL, that is real or made from something meaningful,
eg. like silk...hehehe  LOL, shame hahahaa...
there were other really nice items, but at a price.

I aim to re-visit this shop in December to purchase myself a real Silk Duvet.
hhmmmm lovely, Warm in winter and cool in Summer and apparently doesnt loose its shape
in five years you send it back to them to refluff.

then we took a drive to Pilgrims Rest and a stroll through there.

Sunrise This Morning, coming up over the mountain

The drive to Graskop, through forestry, very pretty

Harrie's Pancakes, uummmm

Percy - Cheers

Up Town Pilgrims Rest, the main street


The Royal Hotel

The Lounge in the Royal Hotel, Stunning, very Victorian

One of the Houses, once lived in, now a museum

Pilgrims Rest Methodist Church

OFF COURSE, what did you think, I just had to sit in it

A memorial Stone in the Main Street, what was Eerie about this stone
is that it has my son's name on it. Co-incidence off course

An old telephone booth, and yes, I had to go into it..LOL

And off course, it just wouldnt be complete without a ride in
a Donkey drawn cart...LOL....with their flower power hats on
It was sooooo cute, not to mention the driver with he's real
felt hat, was just as looney and funny making the kids roar
with laughter

The drive back to Hazyview

Friday, August 6, 2010


Our second day at Hazyview, after a really chill and relaxing day yesterday.
Doing nothing but just sitting around and being completely vrot, taking a stroll
around the resort.
Today I got up at 7h00am, stood on the balcony watching most of the other
residents packing up and leaving, had a cup of coffee and then a shower.
then I sat on the balcony peacefully reading a book until 10h30am, when I realised,
uumm, I'm hungry now, time to make breakfast, all the while, Percy was still sound asleep.

So I started preparing breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage fried mushrooms and onions, during
which Percy came alive.
finally at around 12h00pm, we took to the road, to do some scouting for activities and info.
collected an amazing amount of phamphlets for the HKGK gang for our December Road trip.
we got back to the resort around 17h00, took a stroll down to the Riverside restaurant
in the resort, and decided to have dinner there.

All in all, a good day.

The inside of the Cabin

Percy making snacks

Induna Adventures - one of the many activity places around
Hazyview (HKGK December 2010)

Loads to choose from

Sabie River Camp, this will be home base in December for HKGK

The view on the drive back between Sabie and Hazyview

Hazyview Cabanas Riverside Restaurant

We decided to have dinner here instead of lugging our
things to the communial braai area ?@!#$

Thursday, August 5, 2010

HAZYVIEW CABANAS August 5th 2010

Two weeks after our Drakensberg weekend we are sitting in Hazyview for 5 days.
a holiday we planned and booked in the beginning of the year already, and
believe me, much needed.

It's a beautiful resort, quiet and tranquil.  Having said that, I have already been to the
office, on this our first morning here.  Yes, to complain.  I am NOT impressed right now.
Everything is beautiful and perfect. EXCEPT for One thing.

I packed a chicken flatty, Ribs and chops etc, for the two of us to braai each night.
Only to get here last night and discover the Log cabin we are in does not have an
oven.  Ok, no problem, not serious, because we planned to braai anyway.
HUH, get outside this morning, guess what? NO BRAAI...???? WTF
how do you prepare a chicken flatty or ribs on the stove top, which,
 by the way is only a small two plate stove top???
So, Yes, I went to the office and had my Bitching session.
The lady says to me, but you welcome to use the communial braais up at the
Coffee shop!!!!  Uh, yes, I suppose I WILL have to do that.
But I'm still not happy, because thats inconvenient, now I have to carry all
my stuff there, braai our food, and carry everything back again.  Definately
inconvenient, I'm supposed to be on holiday. 
Well she didnt know what to say....

Well, nevertheless, we will compromise, but holiday club will be hearing from me too.

Everything else is great.
the first of the pics on our first day here.

The View from our Cabin Balcony

Our Log Cabin

Our Cabin is the one on the Right hand side

Front View

Sabie River runs past about 500m away from us +-

The pool area

Kiara Lodge Drakensburg July 23rd 2010

Percy and I had planned to Join the Hefers on a weekend to the Drakensberg to support
Megan on her first soccer tournament.  So we went ahead and made reservations at the closest
 resort to where they would be that had place for us, which was Kiara Lodge.  Booked and Paid.
And then Riaan informed us that he had gotten the weekends mixed up so we went anyway and
had a lovely weekend, we spent almost four hours walking around Clarens in and out of
the shops, then we went sight seeing through Golden Gate.

Kiara Lodge Entrance

 The View from our Balcony, early morning the sun coming up over
Mountain, Beautiful.

The Chalet 

 Clarens Museum

 Breakfast at one of Claren's many restaurants

 A cave in the mountain

 Beautiful view from the top of one of the mountains

 I slowly walked up to this guy and got about 15 metres from him
isn't he/she Beautiful