Sunday, November 29, 2009


I thought I would share my success with you all.

A teeny success achieved late in life, I really realise, now,
hopelessy to late off course, that
just imagine, what or who I could have been and achieved by now, had I done this years ago.
Or even just studied as hard at school, as I did these last two years to achieve this

I very bravely and not really knowing what I was getting myself in for, took on a two year course,
for my Diploma in Payroll Administration.
Let me tell you it was not easy, firstly because I'm not the studying type, I mean I
didn't even study at school.  The most I did was read through my work the night before and
the morning before the exams.  Yes, believe it, and I actually did pass every single
school year.  Never failed one year.
Like I said just imagine had I actually taken the time to study???
Secondly, this was a self study course where you get the books,
and you have to read everything up, research information and only attended I think
it was six workshops over the two year period.  All of that inbetween
still working full day, coming home and still doing your motherly, housewifely duties,
cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing etc etc...
Not to mention all the socials with friends.
Well here I am almost ready to retire and I go and graduate. LOL.
I find it quite amusing, but I did it and I am Proud of myself.

Well, Friday night was our graudation function.
Here are some of the pics.

The Certificates

And, Just to put the cherry on top, imgaine my surprise
when my name got called to come up for this little
trophy for being one of the top 15 students.....

Richard looking all smart for the occasion
he supported me at the function

Percy looking all smart, he also supported me at the function

WHOOP WHOOP........Check it out...LOL

The Venue

The Food Tables

The awards table on the stage

And because my surname is at the top of the alphabet
I was lucky number one, (not nice hey)

All the Diploma achievers lining up to collect their awards

And Action ......

And off the other side....hehehe

And here are the top 15 students

Monday, November 23, 2009


Melanie and Shaun decided it was time to take the next step,
and move out into the big mean world,
and they moved out of their parents homes, into their own little flat
about two weeks ago.
  And last week was Melanie's Birthday,
So they had a birthday party and House warming party
combined at their new little flat.

We all had a good time, had a braai and a good few drinks
and sat around the fire chatting and catching up.
Here are some of the many pics.

Everyone arriving.....
Ashley??(Pamela's Fiancee), Pamela, Melanie and Shaun, we all looking at
Riaan having a cow cause Gillian nicked the bottom front
fender on the pavement....

The car!!!.....see front bottom right.....
Come on, it's not that bad Riaan.....

Melanie's new little flat, this is the kitchen...

The lounge view taken from the kitchen

the bedroom and en suite bathroom off it

Megan showing us some of her dance moves

Melanie and Jacky

Shaun very chuffed with himself


Percy and Missy (Melanies doggie)


Norman and Gillian

The guys around the home made, make shift braai

Shaun, Norman, Riaan, Percy and Kobus (Shaun's Dad)

some of the younger Men, Chris, Richard and Shaun

as you can see, this is a garden cottage behind some one
else's house and it has not yet been completed still needs
a paint job.....but inside it is beautiful

The back end of me, Vanessa (Shaun's Mom),
Ouma(tucked up in a blanket)
 and Gillian
deep in conversation

Justin and Riaan

Ouma and Gillian having a Chat

The braai and meat, and there is Gillians "Toasted Broodjies"
that mysteriously went missing....!!!

Later in the evening, when the firewood ran out,
this old delapidated little wooden step ladder
became fire wood......

Justin and Sam

Kaylin having a shot of water

Kaylin and Tamryn (Shaun's little sister)

Melanie having a dance moment....

Tammy, Donovan and Richard

Tammy, Donovan, Richard and Chris


Richard and Chris


Gillian and Mandy

And here we have Gillian showing Megan how to do
a hand stand against the wall....

And Megan giving it a try

Percy, caught red handed, stealing a lemon off the neighbours tree.

And here is Norman and Dirk......
Uuumm, don't ask, cause I don't know.......
I guess they were just having a moment....

And Justin joining in the moment