Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 16 Pezulu Tree Houses

Pezulu Tree Houses Hoedspruit
Day 2
(Written by Tammy)

After one of the most peaceful sleeps we all met up for breakfast. Some of the group had decided to make our way to the wild life rehabilitation centre called MOHOLOHOLO. An educational experience for all who went.

The first animal we were introduced to was Juba. A 7 year old cheetah
He was born and raised in the rehabilitation centre to speak out on behalf of his species.
Our guide would not leave his side. Everyone had a chance to pet him and give him some love.

We then moved on to meet a cute little fellow. 11 months old and weighing in about 250KG.
Baby rhino.
He was found when he was a new born in the Kruger park, abandoned by the mother due to the fact that she could not get her little one out of the mud. He was stuck for 3 days until a group of people discovered him and called the guys from MOHOLOHOLO to help. He is growing strong and one day he will be back with his own kind.

Next was Shadow. A very big female Hyena and her little one, Luma(biter)
The amount of strength in this animals jaw can snap an elephant's rib with one bite. She wanted to eat me when she saw me.

The vultures were the most interesting for me.
Vultures were designed to eat the meat of diseased animals which have died to stop the spread of that disease. They are endangered because the sangoma's use their hearts and feathers and all that for muti. They poison live stoke and then the vultures in hundreds come eat them. Only 1/5 of the dead vultures are taken for their spiritual practice.
One full grown vultures weighs up to 25KG.
and what you see above is me holding one on my arm. They are super heavy.
There were many other animals, to many to tell a story about. But all I know is I am all for the work these people do.
After dinner that evening, we were surprised by the pezulu staff. They had all come together to bid us fare well in song. We had all enjoyed our stay and did not want to leave. Pezulu will definitely be expecting us back. Next time, longer than 2 days.

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