Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 17 & 18 Igloo Inn

Baobab Tree and Igloo Inn
(written by Richard)

Day 17, the day swiftly arrived and it was time for us to head to our new home for the next two nights, Igloo Inn. The interesting name of our destination meant there was excitement among the group as nobody knew what to expect.

Just like all the days before it, todays drive to our next camp was a great experience on its own. I have thoroughly enjoyed every journey so far through our awesome country and today was no differant. With new horizons looking out the window, new faces along the road and just the idea of being somewhere else for a while. Refreshing.

Seeing new things and experiencing new adventures is what its all about I guess. You try do something new everyday, lock it in your memory and then do something else tomorrow. When I was younger we once went to a Baobab Tree which I can vaguely remember. We did that old 'lets all hold hands and make a circle around the trunk' story, you know. Offcourse we didn't make it around but we took photos and all that.

Being with new friends here, it was decided within the group that we would visit one of these 'peaceful giants' again on our way to the next camp.

...and what a site it was..

It was a lot bigger than i remember. Compared to the "big" trees that we're normally used to and that were sorrounding this big guy, it was just incredible. Standing proud, it was very impressive. It was almost like the sorrounding trees were bowing down before it.

After standing silently for a few moments in awe... we climbed in. Literally. Hidden in the base of the trunk there was like a hollowing, like a small room in the big tree's belly. We were like ants, in the tree, on the tree, around the tree, it was a good experience, was awesome!

Me (Richard) climbing inside the belly of the Tree 

 Inside the belly of the Tree - How Amazing

 The view looking up into the tree and that's Chris climbing the tree

 Huge spider webs

 The bird life

In the afternoon we arrived at igloo inn. It was a very small and unusual place. nothing we'd seen before so no one knew quite what to make of it or quite what to think, but... we've been to weird places before so it was all just another experience.

After investigating and exploring the new area, we all sorted out layouts and got to work on our tents... It was insanely hot here and the quicker we could pitch our tents the sooner we'd be in shade. The scorching temperatures meant we were all desperate for the pool, to which we soon found out that there wasn't one?! In serious need to cool down some decided to use the showering facilities for a quick... eh.. spray?

A view of Igloo Inn

 Another view of Igloo Inn and that is pretty much all of Igloo Inn

 Following the shade, hiding from the scorching sun

 Just chilling in the shade

Just Chilling

 Richard winning the immunity necklace

 Percy after  fixing our mattress once again after the valve just popped out

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